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PMDC Motor/Permanent Magnet DC motor Manufacturers,Services,Service Providers in Chakan

We are also engaged in manufacturing of PMDC motors as per customer requirement and we can also give the parts for it like a motors, carbon, covers, shafts etc.

As the trusted PMDC Motor manufacturers and service providers in Chakan, Indus Corporation have been successful in providing the best services to our clients. Choose From the Innovatively Developed Range of PMDC Motor in Chakan

We offer a wide range of permanent magnet DC Motor manufacturers range, Permanent Magnet DC services and spindle repairs.

Our PMDC service providers have a highly qualified team that includes engineers, technicians and skilled workers who are able to handle any type of repairs or manufacturing process at your premises. Our team also offers a wide range of after-sales support for all types of products we manufacture.

Industries we serve: -

  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Textile, and
  • Packaging, etc.

  • What is a Permanent Magnet DC Motor?

    Permanent magnet DC motors are the most commonly used type of DC motors. It is versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications.

    The PMDC motors have two sets of windings that are magnetized in opposite directions. One set is made up of a permanent magnet, while the other set is made up of coils that are wound with wire.

    The permanent magnet and the coil interact with each other to create an alternating magnetic field that moves the rotor and creates torque.

    The Different Types of PMDC Motors: -

    • Permanent magnet DC motor
    • Electromagnetic DC motor
    • Synchronous AC motor
    • Synchronous induction motor
    • Brushless DC motor

    Why prefer us?

    • Due to constant advancements in technology and demand for designing products with features like high performance, increased reliability and longer life span, we have been continuously expanding our PMDC services.
    • Our expertise in this field ensures that we are able to deliver reliable results at every step of the process.
    • Our team of professionals is fully equipped to provide our clients with the best services.
    • We also provide the permanent magnet DC Motor services such as training, maintenance, spare parts and other related services to our customers.


    • The benefits of using Permanent Magnet DC Motor are that it can be used to generate power at a lower cost and can be easily operated and maintained.
    • It has been widely adopted because it is environmentally friendly and can provide high efficiency when compared to other types of motors.
    • These motors also have higher torque at lower speeds, which makes them ideal for tasks where speed and torque are important.